Linda M. Hunt, PhD

College of Osteopathic Medicine, Professor, Department of Anthropology, MIchigan State University

Linda Hunt, PhD

Dr. Linda Hunt is Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University (Ph.D. Harvard 1992). She is a medical anthropologist whose research interests include culture and health, health care policy, medical decision making, pharmaceutical marketing, race and ethnicity, race and genetics, health inequalities, and bioethics.  Dr. Hunt has conducted numerous research projects in both the United States and Mexico, focusing on clinical medicine and on health care for racial/ethnic minorities. Her recent research has focused on clinical understandings of genetic risk, chronic illness management, racial/ethnic identities in clinical contexts, and health care reform.  In one current project, funded by NIH-NHGRI, Dr. Hunt is using ethnographic methods to examine how genomic concepts and discourse are incorporated into the management of chronic illness for ethnically diverse patients. By contrasting practitioner and patient perspectives in diabetes and weight management clinics, the study explores both ethical and practical dimensions of the clinical application of these innovations. In other recent projects, she has explored how low-income individuals are accessing health care and health coverage, in the context of recent state and federal health care reforms.

Dr. Hunt serves on the editorial boards for Medical Anthropology Quarterly and Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.  She is a member of the Executive Board of the Lansing Latino Health Alliance, and she serves as a consultant to the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Ingham County Health Department, and the Michigan Public Health Institute.

To learm more about Dr. Hunt, please visit her Department of Anthropology website here.