R. Mark Worden, PhD

Associate Chair, Biomedical Engineering Dept.; Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Dept., Michigan State University

R. Mark Worden, PhD

Dr. R. Mark Worden is Associate Chair of MSU’s Biomedical Engineering Department and a Professor in MSU’s Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department.  His training includes a bachelor’s degree with a double major in chemistry and cell biology, and master’s and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering. 

Dr. Worden has co-developed several interdisciplinary programs that integrate research and education.  Examples include two interdisciplinary graduate training programs funded by Department of Education, a Multidisciplinary Bioprocessing Laboratory funded by the National Science Foundation, and a three-week, intensive training program on fermentation optimization and scale up funded by the State Department. 

His research focuses on multiphase biocatalysis, nanotoxicity, and nanostructured biomimetic interfaces that mimic intracellular processes. 

He has been granted about ten patents and is a member of MSU’s Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors.