Health professional using iPadThe Challenge

New knowledge is needed to translate care through use of information technology (IT), systems for continuous quality improvement (CQI), and patient engagement for better outcomes.  

There is a pressing need for research data to be available in real time at the point of care to inform the translation of evidence for the delivery of care.

There is a need to mine existing data on services in order to improve clinical effectiveness. We need to better integrate patients and families into care as stakeholders in the processes and outcomes of care.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) acknowledges that:

  • medical decisions are complex;
  • there is inadequate evidence to guide care;
  • there is poor health despite excessive health care spending; and
  • the healthcare system needs to expand capacity.

Meeting the Challenge

Research projects that are a part of the Michigan State University (MSU)/Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research need to take these national recommendations into consideration for innovative approaches to quality and patient outcomes.

The MSU/Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research should be as a hub for collaboration that fosters the creative spirit and encourages innovative thought. Not simply an office space, the Center should be seen as one that brings out the best in individuals and groups as they begin to identify problems, design new approaches, strategies, processes, and technologies that address care problems and challenges. The Center champions innovators to bring them to the point of care.

The Center brings together potential innovators from MSU and Sparrow and supports the formation of partnerships within and beyond the boundaries of our separate systems.

Vision Statement

The Center will engage in nationally funded projects for the implementation and evaluation of innovative approaches for the delivery of quality, safe care. Within five years, the Center will be nationally recognized for the pursuit of a new innovative paradigm of patient care delivery.

Mission Statement

To collaboratively transform the delivery of healthcare through implementation and evaluation of research promoting innovative approaches to high quality, safe care, improved patient outcomes, and lower costs.