Call for Research Support

**The CFIR is currently accepting Concept Papers/Letters of Intent/Grant Proposals on a rolling submission basis.

Please see the Resources CFIR Letters of Intent tab for more information.

The Michigan State University/Sparrow Health System’s Center for Innovation and Research calls upon all investigators to submit Letter of Intent for Innovative research projects in the areas of NEUROSCIENCE, NURSING, AND PRIMARY CARE.

Letters of Intent should support the Mission and Vision of the Center and be consistent with the priority areas.

Priority Areas of Interest include but are not limited to:

  • Over-prescribing and over-ordering procedures (Choosing Wisely).
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home.
  • Readmission reduction.
  • Coordination of Care.
  • Medication Reconciliation.
  • Discharge planning/Care transitions.
  • Timing of palliative care referrals.
  • Electronic communication with patients and families.
  • The use of technology to improve health care and health outcomes.
  • Communication with family and patients to foster understanding of unmet needs.
  • Engagement of patients and families as partners in care.
  • Safe care by reducing harm from care delivery.
  • Reduction of disparities in access to care.
  • Health disparities
  • Decreasing obesity in specific populations
  • Use of ‘big data’ to inform health care, decision-making, and outcomes

Guiding Statements for the Selection of Priorities for Research Projects:

National Priorities

Center for Innovation Priorities

The Center for Innovation and Research will review the Letters of Intent and make selections for requests for Full Proposals.Invited applicants will submit Full Proposals approximately 6-8 weeks after the invitation.

Guidelines for Letter of Intent for MSU/Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research for Innovative Research Support.

Research Project Letters of Intent (1-2 pages)  should contain:

  1. Aims.
  2. Description of study.
  3. Significance of study.
  4. **Innovation.
  5. Relevance to the Mission and Vision of the Center for Innovation and Research should be explained.  Relationship to patient care delivery, quality, safety, outcomes, and cost should be described.
  6. Relevance to Sparrow Health System.
  7. **Speaks to gaps in current scientific knowledge, potential to transform care? (Safety, quality, outcomes, and cost.)
  8. One-year proposal timeline.
  9. List of research team and affiliation.
  10. Budget Estimates – For Research Grants: typically $50K. (There are no indirects.)
  11. **Likelihood to lead to another proposal at Federal level. (Include PA #, RFA #, priority lists)

**Priority Criteria for Review. Reviewed for Relevance to Mission and Vision and Priority Areas.

The study should have potential impact beyond Sparrow to the larger Health Care System.

Research Project Letters of Intent must be submitted electronically in WORD format to:

Receipt of all documents will be confirmed via e-mail.  If no response has been received within two days after the application deadline, send an e-mail to: or call 517-364-5730. 

Documents that are incomplete or not prepared according to the instructions will not be reviewed and will be returned. 


Interdisciplinary partnerships with team members from both Sparrow and MSU is a requirement.

For more information or questions, email or call 517-364-5730.