CFIR Closing/Update:

Initially under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Given and continuing under the direction of Dr. Shelia Cotten, the Center for Innovation and Research (CFIR) is a collaborative effort that brought together clinicians and scientists from Sparrow and MSU, who were able to accomplish the following:

  • Fundiing 18 proposals, 6 micro-grants, generating $1.6 million in external grants through six funded projects.
  • Another proposal for $2.5 million, which grew out of CFIR pilot funding, and is in the final stages of approval.

After months of deliberation, members of the CFIR Governing Board met to discuss the future and have decided to discontinue the efforts as they exist under the current CFIR model.

As we build upon the successes of CFIR, and collaborate directly with the Colleges of Human Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, and Nursing as well as Sparrow’s Clinical Research Institute, it will better enable us to become leaders in healthcare transformation.  Planning is underway to appropriately celebrate the achievements of CFIR this month and to thank all who have contributed to its success.

CFIR’s final day is June 29th.


CFIR Sunset