Announcing the 2017-2018 Trifecta Facilitating Funds Awards!

For the full Call for Applications, email Trifecta Funding

First submission deadline is November 20, 2017.

If funds remain, a second wave of submissions will be accepted on January 15, 2018.

The purpose of the Facilitating Funds Award is not to simply fund small studies or pilot projects. Instead, the goal is to assist in facilitating the finalizing of a federally funded NIH/NSF grant ideas and proposals that are already in the planning stage (e.g., a team is identified; preliminary work has begun; components of the federal application like the Specific Aims page is partially developed). For this academic year, support for up to six projects, two from each of the three Initiative colleges, may be awarded. Each team may request up to $5000 in facilitating funds. In addition, funding will be available to each awarded team to support at least one (more may be available) registration for the day-long grantsmanship workshop sponsored by Vice President Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (“Write Winning Grant Proposals”) on January 4, 2018.

 Eligibility requirements:

 1. The submitting faculty (Principal Investigator) must be from one of the three Trifecta Initiative colleges. The PI must be the PI on the planned federal proposal. A submission by a PI who is a lead co- investigator of a portion of a federal proposal (e.g. subcontract) may be considered if justification is shown.

 2. At least one co-investigator in the larger federal proposal must have a primary academic home in at least one of the other two Initiative colleges. Other co-investigators (including students) from non- Trifecta Initiative colleges may be listed as part of the proposal.

 3. The PI must submit quarterly updates to the Trifecta Initiative Director (or designee) about progress of the federal proposal and the project generally.

 4. The federal proposal must have a submission date no later than February 2019.

 5. The team must utilize at least one VPRG resources (e.g., writing consultants, grant Workshops and
 Events) during the proposal development. This is in addition to the “Write Winning Grant Proposals” which will be provided to the funded teams from the first submission. See potential resources at

 6. Any presentations and publications that result from these support funds must include the following label: “Support for this project was in part provided by the Trifecta Initiative at MSU.”

For the full Call for Applications, email