Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute  (CTSI)

About Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute  

What is Translational Research?  

The term “Translational Research" can have different meanings for various individuals and groups. At MSU-CTSI we attempt to engage the entire scope of translational research, as this is a natural extension of the land grant mission of MSU. The scope of expertise at MSU-CTSI is by necessity broad and does not focus on one particular type of research area.  As a result, MSU-CTSI provides resources and expertise in support of:

•Basic research laboratories investigating fundamental underpinnings of biology, chemistry, physiology, genetic and physics,

•Basic health policy research and epidemiological studies,

•Clinical researchers undertaking case studies, and/or controlled observational studies of specific groups of patients or populations

•Advanced translational laboratories developing technologies, methodologies, and/or therapeutics destined for direct human use,

•Clinical research teams undertaking Phase I, II, III and IV levels of clinical research trials

•Outcomes evaluation of clinical practices, survey research, guideline development research,

•Research identifying gaps in current patient care, or population needs

•Research delivering recommended care or support to specific patient or community populations

Who can participate in Translational Research?  

In short, anyone and everyone. MSU-CTSI seeks to support a broad group of MSU scholars alongside a variety of community partners, so as to support the mission of promoting community improvements in health and well-being. Within this website, you can begin to identify how YOU might participate in these types of efforts.

How can MSU-CTSI facilitate YOUR SPECIFIC translational research needs or questions?  

Here are a few examples as to how MSU-CTSI can help you become involved in a variety of aspects of translational research . See where you and your interests lie, and then proceed to the indicated links to begin translating your goals and aspirations into pragmatic solutions for today’s most pressing medical and community problems:
•YOU are a member of the community (i.e.: not a MSU researcher), that is interested in a particular disease or community problem. You wish to identify MSU affiliated researchers or experts similarly interested in the same particular disease or community problem. Simply go to the “Collaborate” tab and begin identifying who at MSU you might like to contact for further information or potential involvement.
•YOU are a researcher and now wish to identify at MSU or its affiliated partners: ◦sources of financial or other types of regulatory, administrative support and expertise, ◦specific core technologies or expertise, ◦volunteers or patient/community groups wishing to partner in your particular field of study, ◦or sponsors of research topics currently seeking like-minded MSU affiliated partners. ◾Simply go to the “Research Tools” tab and begin identifying resources and levels of expertise currently available at MSU.
•YOU, as an individual, or as a member of a group,  wish to sponsor (financially or otherwise) a particular form of translational research.  As a result, you are now seeking to support MSU experts interested in similar lines of research. Simply go to the “Sponsors” tab and begin identifying MSU faculty or resources that align with your specific areas of interest.  Together, with you, MSU researchers hope to rapidly facilitate your groups goals or aspirations.

Andrea Amalfitano, D.O., Ph.D.

Director, MSU-CTSI Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Professor of Pediatrics,
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Michigan State University

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