CFIR Research/Translation Proposal Application Instructions



The CFIR is currently accepting Concept Papers/Letters of Intent/Grant Proposals on a rolling submission basis. 

Beginning January 2017, Rolling Submissions will be reviewed on the following schedule:

February 1, May 1, October 1


Interdisciplinary partnerships with
team members from both
Sparrow and MSU is a requirement.

  • Concept papers can be 1-2 pages long. The Director will review the information and provide feedback on whether the project is suitable for the CFIR. They can be mailed to
  • The Center for Innovation and Research will review submitted Letters of Intent and make selections for requests for Full Proposals. Invited applicants will submit Full Proposals approximately 6-8 weeks after the invitation.
  • Letters of Intent instructions can be found here.

Proposal submissions should follow the Application Guidelines in the links below.


*You should make contact with the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute (SCRI).  They can assist with activities that occur at Sparrow or involving Sparrow medical records that may or may not have related budget issues.  Contact them at or 517-364-5760. Please allow two weeks of lead time for processing. It is requested that you fill out the New Study Checklist to include in your correspondence to SCRI.


Proposals may be for either Research (typically $50.000) or Translation (typically $25,000) projects.

Application Instructions:

Research (Word format)
Research (PDF format)

Translation (Word format)
Translation (PDF format)

Budget Worksheet (Excel) **Note: there are two pages for the budget document, one for MSU puprposes and one for SHS purposes. **Please use the CFIR Budget Worksheet for both Research and Translation Applications.

  • Additionally, projects that were previously submitted to other institutions and were scored, but not funded, are welcome to contact the CFIR  for possible project support in order to help strengthen their proposal for resubmission.

The purpose of the Center for Innovation and Research is to support innovative health care delivery research that will affect patient outcomes, safety, quality and cost. Projects must address the Mission and Vision of the Center for Innovation and Research.

CFIR Mission CFIR Vision