Sparrow/MSU IRB Reliance Agreement

Sparrow Health System and Michigan State University have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Reliance Agreement.  The IRB Reliance is an agreement between MSU and Sparrow Hospital which allows an investigator to have a research protocol undergo IRB through MSU's Biomedical & Health Instructional Review Board (BIRB), MSU Social Sciences IRB (SIRB) as appropriate, and Sparrow will accept the review of the lead institution.  In essence, there is only one IRB review instead of two and thus the investigators save time.

The Sparrow IRB Reliance does have a very brief application and the only new information required (not on the original MSU IRB's application) is an Impact Statement in which signatures are required from departments impacted by the research at Sparrow Hospital (e.g. Medical Records).  It is suggested that the investigator procure these signatures and complete the IRB Reliance application while the MSU IRB's application is under review, and then may be submitted to the Sparrow Institutional Research Review Committee (IRRC) immediately upon receipt of the MSU IRB's approval letter. 

See the IRB Reliance Agreement and Impact Statement here.